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Coder Edge Technologies ensures you the best experience in handling your IT needs

From a large range of services from automation, process reengineering, branding, information system development, asset digitization and many more.

Our strength lies in our capacity to adapt to best business practices as well as client ecologies. You'll find it refreshing to choose Coder Edge Technologies.

Strategy and Planning

We assist you in strategizing how to achieve your goals within the shortest time frames with the help of a committed team of experienced and creative members.

We always accommodate the needs of the customer when taking a customer-first approach. At coder edge technologies we follow a seven-step procedure for accomplishing the project. Working on a pre-defined Milestone will make sure smooth, high-quality and timely project delivery.

Transparent and Honest Pricing

The first step in developing trust in business is transparency. We at Coder Edge Technologies provide our customers with transparent pricing that breaks down the cost of each component so they can tailor the project to fit their needs while maintaining high quality.

The most crucial step in creating a project design is creating a cost estimate that fits the client's budget. Our cost projections will be based on the number of man hours needed to complete each task. Explaining the necessary man hours will justify the project's cost.

Innovation and Research

Dreams of our clients are valued at Coder Edge Technologies. In order to make our clients' dreams a reality, our team of highly motivated professionals innovates and conducts research in all relevant fields.

Our team will always look for unconventional ways to realise our clients' dreams because we think each one of them is special in its own right. That necessitates developing fresh strategies and conducting extensive research.

Innovation and research are made possible in a very precise manner to achieve the client's goal to a new level with a combination of experience and a young, energetic team.

Edge Beta, is an innovative concept to read user experience with the Beta Version of the project to make the project more user-friendly and robust. Edge Beta gets very insights into user experience, such as which feature is most used and which feature is consuming more resources. Using insights, our analysis team can advise clients to improve designs. This and many more…

Dedicated and Exclusive Customer Support

Our world is still reliant on interpersonal relationships. Coder Edge Technologies values every client, so work doesn't stop once a project is finished. We ensure that our relationship with you lasts forever by providing committed support up to the very end and even after.

Project execution continues after project delivery. For a better user experience, everything from project delivery and smooth transitions to user training and committed customer support is required. As per tradition, Coder Edge Technologies guarantees that dedicated customer support plans are being worked on for each project.

Keeping innovation as its core religion. Edge Customer First, is a cutting-edge innovation created to ensure that our products are capable of self-reporting issues. If a customer encounters a problem while managing a project, it becomes a wonderful experience if, even before calling the customer support number, a call from dedicated support staff offering him assistance is received.


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