Research and Development


Great ideas require unique approaches, and each problem and its solutions are different. No path is closed, according to Coder Edge Technologies; new methods just need to be applied to uncover them.

Research and development is the core engine behind Coder Edge Technologies. Our research team works on unconventional methods to solve challenges more quickly using experience and ongoing learning from our clients. We create systems with nature and human characteristics at the core. Our skilled developers are working on a variety of systems employing various cutting-edge technologies and algorithms.

We continuously create new solution prototypes that are one-of-a-kind by learning from daily experience and rising demands of all kinds.

In order to create solutions that will reshape the industry in the future, Coder Edge Technologies is working on a variety of domains including “Data Science,” “Blockchain,” “IoT,” and “AR,” among others.

Several of our ongoing research includes

Consumer Behavior Analytics:

A Combination of Data Science and Consumer Behaviour to read and evaluate critical product insights. An Algorithmic system that will aid in your better understanding of your customer. With the knowledge from the insights, this system will assist you in creating a better product. Using a cutting-edge mechanism, you may learn detailed information about your customers, including which feature is most frequently used, which sequences are preferred, and how the client's system functioned under various conditions. More than 100 indicators give you real-time updates on your product's performance and help you analyze Consumer Behaviour.

Asset Digitization:

Information breaches, revealed research, and altered formulas are the worst fears of the knowledge-driven industry, and cyber security is the biggest threat to the sector. At Coder Edge Technologies, we are developing low-cost, user-friendly technology that makes use of Blockchain technology to digitize your assets and safeguard your work in the safest manner. Using a public or private blockchain network to keep data blocks secure. Maintaining every transaction in the most secure manner. Our team is developing affordable solutions for a range of industries, including FMCG, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, sports, and fashion.

Smart Contract:

Creating a streamlined smart contracting system in accordance with the law of the land. a smart contract system built on the Ethereum blockchain that can be quickly and easily accessed and implemented.

Augmented Reality:

Imagine a virtual super-market, which actually delivers to your home. And many more...

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