Our Products

We at Coder Edge Technologies are developing a variety of products for various business types, from Enterprise to Retail, as part of our commitment to business needs and pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Our product line, which focuses on the issues that business houses face on a daily basis, is available for implementation or can be used to get a sense of the services we provide.

Our products also serve as a showcase for the research and innovation undertaken to simplify and manage our daily tasks.

Our Products

Enterprise Business Products

Edge PMS (Product Management Suite)

A comprehensive solution that offers virtually every feature possible for Product Management. You can use it as your Customer Relationship Manager, Sales Manager, Supply-Chain Manager, Accounts Manager, Support Team Manager, Project manager, Product manager, Patch manager, Key manager, Marketing manager, Quality analysis manager, and many more positions. Every component works in sync like an orchestra.

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Edge Customer First

We are aware that a company's customers are its most crucial component. Each business house always places the highest priority on giving customers the best possible services. Edge Customer First not only keeps track of customer information but also gives you the ability to support customers using an integrated ticketing system and inform clients of new products and significant company news via a variety of channels, including email, newsletters, social media platforms, SMS, etc. Records application crash events automatically and raise new ticket automatically, also maintain AMC of customers and other services.

Edge Support

Edge Support will offer product-based businesses the ability to maintain the Support-Ticket system. Allows users to receive notifications, receive feedback, and access a dashboard to monitor Real-time Analytics and Statistics.

Edge Smart Sales

Edge Smart Sales provides functionality to add new customers to your database and maintain the supply chain mechanism. Maintains Retailer-Dealer-Distributor channel with features of online payment gateway integration and Invoice Generation.

Edge Upgrade

A patch manager that gives software product developers the ability to deploy bug fixes, both free and paid updates for new features. Keep track of which version each consumer is utilizing. It can also inform user about new version release and broadcast message to customers and non-customer about new updates.

Edge Beta

Increases the strength of your BETA version. Use the trial version to gain additional insights. Monitoring of user behaviour and other system indicators. Utilize cutting-edge Consumer Behavior Analytics to access all data on the Product Management Dashboard.

Our Products

Retail Business Product


An accounting package for Small and Micro Finance Companies to step into the future.

Dhiran Book Provides Easy Solution For book-keeping of mortgage-based personal loans in digital books.

An accounting software which is as passionate about your business as you are.

You can spend more time focusing on the rest of your business since our accounting software keeps your accounts under control.

Boarding of Small and Medium Finance companies working as per ‘GUJARAT MONEY LENDER ACT 2011 and Rules 2013’ on rules driven standard computing platform.

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